Me Time – how taking a break can be the best thing for business

I’ve had a really loooong and difficult week with the kids. They seem to have been inhabited by teenagers despite being aged just 3 years (girl) and 15 months (boy). Add to this the busy work of preparing for an … Continue reading

How do you balance business and family?

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Life has happened. Apart from being very busy in the business side of things (that’s a good thing, isn’t it?) we have had some family things unexpectedly come up in … Continue reading

Easter Traditions – A Spin on Greek Easter for a New Generation

One of the blessings of having a young family is developing your own traditions. This Easter, with our eldest child almost 3 years old, we embarked on finding a family tradition to celebrate as it is the first time she … Continue reading