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Vintage Linen Success! Stepping out into the world of sewing tutorials…

So, you know that little break I was going on where I was going to do all these amazing crafty jobs and spend time with my two beautiful children? Well, the time just flew by in a flurry of fabric and thready scraps as I refashioned some vintage linens into clothes.

Here is a little overview of what I made…

My first day of holidays was searching through heaps of online tutorials to find something that I liked. I found two projects:

A nursing dress from Shwin&Shwin (here).

And a high-waisted skirt from This Big Oak Tree (here).

I am absolutely hopeless at following directions about things I know a little about so I only used the tutorial for the nursing dress as a loose guide. I do the same thing with recipes. It’s great for creativity but hopeless for troubleshooting! And I had lots of trouble with this dress. It was the first time I had sewn with stretchy fabric. A quick Facebook chat with my Mum, the sewing genius, got me started with a few good tips. I launched myself in and just had to fix things along the way. I’m pretty happy with the result and the breastfeeding capability is great! I am going to try it again but using a cotton for the skirt to make it easier to sew.

Next it was time to attack my vintage linens. I had never gathered before so I decided to use a pillowcase from a vintage Sheridan set to make a simple gathered skirt as a practice before I cut into the big guns – my beautiful yellow vintage sheets.

This was much simpler. It was just a simple skirt with a lining and elasticated waistband. It’s so pretty, feminine and super twirly! I love it!

It was time. My holidays were fast running out and I had not yet touched the vintage sheets. I ironed them carefully. Laid them out on the dining room floor. Took a deep breath. Measured. Measured again. And then finally heard that sweet and satisfying sound of good fabric scissors cutting through cotton. Terrified of making a mess of my vintage find, I decided to follow the tutorial as closely as possible…ok, so I still did a bit of my own thing, like making the seam go down the back because the width of the sheet was exactly right, and I cut out the pieces so I used the lovely wide hem of the sheet as the hem of the skirt (one less seam to iron and sew)…but it was pretty close. For me. I also did not attach the sash to the skirt as I wanted the versatility to wear it with a belt.

Here’s the end result. I’m absolutely in love with it – the 1950s feel and how it makes me want to have high-tea followed by a frolic in a field of wild flowers (or maybe the other way around – one probably shouldn’t frolic on a stomach full of tea and delicious cakes). I can’t wait to wear it!

And you know the best thing? This skirt used just half of ONE sheet and I have TWO! Ooohhhh…what else shall I make?