How I scored even more vintage fabric

It’s been a little while since my last blog post. Things have been busy and something had to give way.

While I was gone from this arena fundraising concluded for beyondblue, with $1500 raised through my handmade charity auction! I’m pretty happy with that!


I’ve also been spending some time doing what I love – going to local markets and op-shops.

A couple of weeks ago the family and I went to Bellingen markets where you can find an amazing array of food, handcrafts and antiques along with other bits and pieces. It was in one of these thrifty stalls filled with old toys, book, 1950s cookware and china that I found 4 metres of beautiful vintage fabric. Tapestry weight and in excellent condition, the whole lot somehow found it’s way into my hands where my $10 had been and then stashed away safely in the bottom of the pram. While I usually make clothing out of my vintage fabrics, this one is too heavy so I am thinking up some lovely ideas for how to use it. Any suggestions, let me know!

vintage fabric

Just a few days later I found myself mysteriously steering into the car park of our local Vinnies where they have a whole section of the shop dedicated to all things vintage (delight!!!). The kids were confused – we were supposed to be on our way to playgroup – but they tagged along as I made a beeline for the back of the shop, hoping that the set of sheets I had discovered a week before and had been dreaming about would still be there. SUCCESS!!!! I quickly snaffled up the bundle of two single sheets with a beautiful sparse pattern of roses, daisies and hydrangeas in soft browns – $8 for the set!

vintage sheets

But it did not end there.

Looking around “Just In Case” I discovered a doona cover plus pillowcases also for $8! One side has lovely roses in spring colours on a soft blue background, the other displayed a gorgeous candy stripe pattern (I can never go past stripes!). Bundled into my arms along with the sheets and the 17-month-old I quickly made my way to the counter before anything else happened to call out to me.

vintage doona

So here I am now with metres and metres of amazing vintage fabric and a world of endless possibilities of what to make.



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