Confessions of a vintage linen addict

I have a confession to make.

I am addicted to buying vintage linens. So much so that I have co-opted my mother into buying them for me too. I think that’s called enabling, isn’t it?

Every time I go to an op shop I make a beeline for the linen section. I rummage, feeling for high quality fabric and searching for amazing prints.

Maybe I need to go to VLA (Vintage Linens Anonymous).

Or buy a bigger fabric storage system.

Fabric stash

I know my fabric stash is not as big as some. But I don’t use fabric for my business (often) and I only get to sew on the odd occasion I can carve out some time for myself.

vintage linens

I have so many ideas for how to use these lovely fabrics. Many of them are 100% cotton and Australian made which makes them even more delicious and enticing. I’d love to make skirts and dresses, pants and pyjamas, craft projects and home decor.

Pretty pillowcases

I’ve bought a couple of patterns already. I’ve even cut into one of the sheets and the pieces are lying over the back of the chair at the sewing machine waiting for me to attend to them (soon, my pretties…soon!).

I just need the time.

Readers of this blog will know I have already done a couple of sewing projects with my vintage sheets. A couple of skirts. A dress.

Vintage Skirt

Pillowcase Skirt 4

vintage sheet dress

But still I want more.

In the absence of time to sew I ordered something I have been coveting for a long time.

A Naughty Shorts ‘Annie’ dress.

Have you seen them? Bec’s work is amazing and (you guessed it) she uses vintage linens to create her gorgeous dresses. I’ll blog about my dress when I receive it – I can’t wait!

Back to my fabric stash.

My fabric box is overflowing to the point where I can’t even get the lid on if I sit on it to push it down. This is a problem as I have about 15 metres of vintage fabric coming my way from my mum’s treasure hunting at op shops and destash fairs. Where am I going to put it?!

I think it may be time to carve out time for myself and get back to the sewing machine. I am hoping by blogging about this I will make myself accountable to actually complete my projects.

First stop – completing the skirt that’s in pieces on the back of that chair…

sewing awaits

Do you have a vintage linen addiction too?

If you have any favourite projects or tutorials for using vintage linens please post them below in the comments. I have a lot of fabric to get through!


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