Me Time – how taking a break can be the best thing for business

I’ve had a really loooong and difficult week with the kids. They seem to have been inhabited by teenagers despite being aged just 3 years (girl) and 15 months (boy). Add to this the busy work of preparing for an upcoming market, keeping up with current orders and developing new ranges of jewellery as well as social media, marketing and undertaking short e-courses, and burnout loomed heavily on the horizon for me.

The making table

So today, with Miss 3 in day care, I took the morning “off” to have some Me Time.

Mr 15-months still likes to ride in the pram so I took him out to the shops and plied him with food to keep him happy. This allowed me to do something that I don’t get to do very often. Browse.

My shopping trips occur frequently but I am always on a get-in-get-what-we-need-get-out mission. So today I meandered, wandered and stopped to admire.

Granted, the things I bought were for the kids or for the business (I can’t seem to switch that part of my brain off completely) but I did it in my own time.

I also took a walk out in the sunshine to a local op-shop. I don’t know whether it was the treasure hunting in the op-shop or the way the sun warmed my face as I breathed in the scent of Almost Spring but I had a moment of clarity.

A sweet thought. A little burst of “ah!”. A minute of head space.

The thought that Me Time is not detrimental to getting things done. It is the thing that I need to get things done.

I have been so caught up with the kids and with business that I haven’t taken a moment to look up, to see what is going on around me. To really see the vision I have for my business and family life.

After this morning’s outing and s p a c e to think I have come back with greater motivation to get things done in my business, and a refreshed mind and spirit to be a better mother and wife.

And that has to be a good thing.



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