A Story of Consignment in a Bricks-and-mortar Shop – Cactus & Co, Qld

Facebook can be a wonderful place for a sense of community when it is used appropriately. Amongst the handmade business community there are several groups where we creatives can chat and ask questions pertaining to anything from how to adjust a pattern to how to add SEO to your website.

I am a member of a few of these groups and it was in this environment that I became aware of a new opportunity to consign my jewellery to a new shop in Warwick, Queensland, that would only be stocking handmade goods.

With wholesale and consignment being big goals of my business this year I nervously and excitedly expressed my interest and left my website and email details. It wasn’t long before I received a message on my Facebook page from the owner of the shop expressing her desire to see my jewellery in her shop. With a desire for quality and design in her shop, I was so proud to hear that my jewellery ticked all her boxes.

Cactus & Co consignment 2

In a matter of days I had officially scored my first bricks-and-mortar consignment at Cactus & Co!

Choosing the jewellery to send off to the shop was a new experience and sent a whirlwind of questions through my mind.

What would the people of Warwick want to see and buy?

How many of each style of item should I send? How many earrings? How many necklaces?

What styles should I send – vintage or classic?

Is everything I’m sending up to quality standards?

With nervous excitement I sent off my first parcel of goodies off to the shop.

I was so excited a few days later when I received some photos of my jewellery on the shelves in the shop! Even more excited when I learned there were sales!

Cactus & Co jewellery consignment

So the verdict on consignments? I love it! As a stepping stone to full wholesale it works well. I like being able to send off product and then not worry about advertising or any of the fiddly business. Plus, it’s great having a pay day again!

I am about to send off a new collection of goodies ready for Spring and Summer, and I am in the planning stages of developing Christmas gift sets.

If you live in or near Warwick, Queensland, please drop in to Cactus & Co and take a look at the amazing range of handmade treasures stocked there. You can find the shop at 46 Palmerin Street, Warwick, Queensland.

Cactus & Co consignment 3


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