Finding my voice…What shall I say?

I have been blogging here for around 10 months and in that time I have written about business, my jewellery, vintage fashion, my history with depression, fundraising efforts, family traditions and a few DIY and sewing projects.

But it has left me wondering – do I have a clear voice in amongst this cacophony of topics?

My approach to blogging thus far has been whatever is in my head, whatever is in my field of interest at the time, makes it down on paper (or rather, screen). But as I move forward with my business and I wonder “what should I really be blogging about to form a cohesive brand message?” This is, after all, a blog connected to my jewellery business Cordelle Designs.

I recently read a fabulous article by Karen Gunton of Build A Little Biz (one of my favourite biz blogs if you’re interested!) that stated “your blog is your shop counter” – a place to chat with customers as if they had just walked into your bricks-and-mortar shop. Now, I’m not going to repeat the message of Karen’s blog post (you can read it for yourself here) but I am going to ask YOU this…

What shall we chat about?

If you are reading this blog, you (hopefully) have an interest in my business already. You might have visited my online shop and inspected the jewellery I have for sale there. You may have visited my Facebook page or discovered me through Twitter where you have caught a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in the creative process.

So, as someone who has an interest in Cordelle Designs, and who has wandered up to my proverbial shop counter, what would you like to discuss?

What do YOU want to chat about?

What do YOU want to chat about?

Would you like to hear more about my latest DIY and sewing projects (not all jewellery related)?

Would you like to hear how my business is going?

Would you like to learn a bit about fashion and accessories through the eras?

Would you like to learn more about jewellery-making?

Would you like to know more about me, my interests, passions and inspirations.

Would you like to read about my favourite gift ideas from my favourite handmade boutiques as well as my own range?

Would you like to find out how to incorporate vintage-inspired and vintage style accessories into a modern wardrobe?

What do you think we would talk about if we met? What would you ask me?

Let me know in the comments on this post!


One thought on “Finding my voice…What shall I say?

  1. Great article Annie. I think like any shopping experience you tend to talk to the people who serve you about different things depending on the time of day and what is happening. It can be about what products you have or how they came to be created. However I personally like to get to know the people behind the shop. I like the personal touch – the family wedding, the grand kids, what’s for dinner etc. As a customer it makes me feel more connected to the person behind the brand. So I love your blog and what you write about. I don’t think it needs to be all about the business. ♥

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