Collaborate For A Cause – handmade love in action

C4AC logo

I am so excited to be involved in the annual Collaborate For A Cause Charity Auction this year!

c4ac profile

Have you heard of (what is commonly known as) C4AC?

Started in 2011 by Jen Kennedy from Ainslee Fox Handmade, C4AC aims to bring the handmade community together in a spirit of fun, friendship and giving by collaborating with each other on handmade projects to then auction off to raise funds for their chosen charities.

This year 589 handmade businesses are involved supporting a total of 135 charities – how incredible is that?!

This will be my first year being involved and I have teamed up with Kristy from Monkey Mai to create a special tea themed set, pictured below and here. We are donating the money raised from the auction of our collaboration to Cancer Council NSW.

Cordelle Designs & Monkey Mai for C4AC

Monkey Mai Tea Time set:
Mug ‘n’ Munch Bag, Tea Time Mug Rug and Tea Bag Wallet.
Cordelle Designs ‘Spot of Tea’ set:
Vintage Teapot necklace, earrings and Teacup brooch/clip.

Why the Cancer Council?

This year my step-father was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and he is now undergoing chemotherapy. I asked my Mum where they have found the most support during this time and she first mentioned the Cancer Council. I wanted to support a charity that not only helps those diagnosed with cancer but also those loved ones who care for them. The Cancer Council ticked both boxes.

The Collaborate For A Cause auction will take place on the C4AC Facebook page. It kicks off on Friday 26th July at 8pm EST and will finish on Sunday 28th July at 8pm.

If you miss out on our item or would like to donate to the Cancer Council NSW without taking part in the auction you can go to our “Do Your Thing” fundraising page to donate.

Some of my favourite collaborations this year…


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