Venturing into the Real Life World – Markets, Consignments & Marketing

I’m in super-industrious mode at the moment. Next weekend, Sunday 17th March, I will be a stallholder at the Made With Love Markets in Coffs Harbour. It will be my fourth MWL market and it marks one year since I joined the lovely community of handmade businesses here on the mid-north coast.

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I’m busy making jewellery and working on my gift range to make my market stall interesting and fully stocked. You can read more about what I will have on offer here.

MWL poster

To add to this time of creating I also began a new venture and phase of my business – I sent off my first consignment order! Followers of this blog will know that wholesale and consignment of my products is one of my goals for 2013. Well, since that post there have been “movements at the station,” so to speak.

My first consignment order of seven Mumma Necklaces has been sent to a little shop in Newcastle called Tickle & Hide, run by my lovely friend Jodi. (Jodi also has an etsy shop here and blog here).

I am so unbelievably excited and I can’t believe my products will be “out there.”

Consignment to Tickle & Hide

There is something tangible and scary about having things you have made out in the world.

There is a certain level of protection about selling online. If people don’t like what they see they generally just don’t buy or hit the Facebook “like” button. In a shop or at a market they can tell you to your face. They don’t even have to tell you sometimes. All it takes is a look.

But I feel that in order to be successful at this I need to persevere and continue putting myself and my product out there. My motto for this year in achieving my goal is “If you don’t ask, the answer is already ‘no'” so I keep on pushing out of my comfort zone.

In line with this I have also just had a bunch of postcards printed for a local letterbox drop. I’m hoping this will generate a little more interest and traffic on my website. It’s just part of my quest this year to experiment with different forms of marketing to see what works with my business and our local area.

Postcard marketing

So, it is with determination and several cups of coffee that I prepare once again to face the real life world with my work, bracing myself against the negative and hoping for the positive as I work hard to realise my dreams.

Walt Disney quote


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