Breaking into the World of Fabric – Exploring Jennifer Paganelli, Michael Miller & Bari J

I like to challenge myself. For a while I have been wanting to try something different in my jewellery making. I have been wanting to explore using fabric.

Sneak peek 1

Many people use fabric in jewellery to make knotty necklaces. I wanted to try something different to that so I set myself a challenge. Buy some beautiful fabric and experiment.

It all started with a showcase held by Handmade Love, run by my beautiful friend Jeni. She selected the LillyBelle collection of fabrics by Bari J. Ackerman. LOVE! So I purchased 3 designs and started imagining ideas. Unfortunately, my fabric didn’t arrive in time for the showcase so it has sat on my shelf while the ideas marinated in my head.

I also purchased a fat quarter of Jennifer Paganelli fabric from her Girls World Vibe collection. Ah, you do not realise how beautiful Jennifer Paganelli’s fabrics are until you hold them in your hands!

Along with this pretty parcel I also purchased a fat quarter of Michael Miller‘s Doilie Pink because I can’t resist a bit of doily love!

What to do with these gorgeous fabrics?

Sneak peek 2

Have my own showcase, of course, and put the pressure on myself to make something magical (I hope!).

My little business turns 2 this month. So to celebrate I am having a showcase on my Facebook page with the theme of Cotton. Why cotton? Because cotton is the traditional gift for a second anniversary (and it fits in nicely with my fabric challenge). There is a team of lovely business ladies creating items made of, featuring or inspired by cotton for this showcase. I myself am working on a Cotton Collection to release on showcase night. I can’t wait to show you the photos – it is really different to my usual work but I am enjoying the challenge of working with new materials.

Sneak peek 3

Stay tuned to my Facebook page for all details on the showcase, which begins on 29th January. I might put up a couple of sneak peek pics up here first too.

Sneak peek 4


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